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Online tests can be incredibly confusing and frustrating, with accuracy and consistency hovering around a lackluster 60%.

Have you ever taken two tests and gotten different answers? This can lead to wasted time, resources, and investment in personal development courses or coaching based on the wrong Enneagram type. 

Let's take the guessing out of finding your accurate Enneagram type, which is essential for personal growth, maintaining healthy relationships, and maximizing productivity.

The enneagram offers a personalized roadmap for deep inner-growth that shows you the realms of your heart, body, mind, and spirit. It shows your unique tailored path to the best ideas possible about how to develop.

As a trained facilitator of Enneagram Assessments, I can engage in a more comprehensive dialogue with you. This allows for a deeper exploration of your responses, motivations, and life experiences that may reveal your true Enneagram type.

You will also have an exceptional opportunity to know your subtype and instinctual sequence to feel confident we got your type right.  (If those are new words and concepts to you, don't worry, I will explain all about it during our time together!)

Online tests may lack this interactive component, being limited to a surface-level understanding and only giving a one-size-fits all result. 

Several advantages of choosing a personalized typing interview with me over online tests when it comes to accurately knowing your core type:

✶ More personalized guidance and interpretation of the results

✶ More interactive and nuanced experience

✶ Provides the opportunity for in-depth exploration, clarification, and emotional support

✶ Understand how life context, stressors, and recent experiences reveal your type

✶ Learn how your personality has evolved and adapted over time

✶ Receive a comprehensive and modern assessment that includes subtypes and instinctual sequences

"The characteristics that you observed in me by participating in a distinctive evaluation were a revealing encounter. Self-improvement entails enhancing oneself to gain a deeper comprehension of how I engage with others and acquire knowledge about others as well. Your approach to this task is considerate, friendly, and it made me feel exceptionally at ease to expose my vulnerabilities. I am eagerly anticipating delving deeper into exploring more about myself.”

With gratitude,
Genevieve Nicholas

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