Private sessions (50 minutes)                              $150
Psychoeducation group session (1 hour)            $50 per person

Nutrition Therapy:
Full Sessions (50 minutes)                                   $150
Half Session (25 minutes)                                    $75

Measure Your Metabolic Rate &           $75
Body Composition: Two quick and easy
in-office measurements in 25 minutes or less.

Workshops/Presentations:     (Pricing available upon request)
Weekend workshops or presentations for families, parents,
teens and adults wanting to learn more about how exercise, eating, and thinking relate.      

Professional workshops for CEUs are also available! 
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While your eating disorder may say my combination of nutrition, exercise,
and therapy expertise is 
"a triple threat", I can be 
"a triple help" with your anxiety, depression, grief, and disordered relationship with your body and food.

Competent eating, sustainable activity, and physical self-esteem are incorporated in the goals we set to work on together.
With food and your body
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