Carrie Boyd Lutter, LCSW, RDN
My Nutrition Training includes:
  • Bachelor’s Degree in Clinical Dietetics: UTSW, 2000
        including 900 hours of supervised practice
  • Passing the Commission on Dietetic Registration's
        dietetic registration exam
  • Registered Dietitian Nutritionist, 2000 - current

My Psychotherapy Training includes:
  • Bachelor's Degree in Psychology: UT Arlington, 1996    
  • Master’s Degree in Social Work: UT Arlington, 2008
       including 500 supervised hours with Susie Hair, LCSW
       working primarily with eating disorder clients

  • Licensed Clinical Social Worker, 2008 - current
       my advanced clinical hours were supervised by 
       Kenneth J. Fallin, Ph.D., LCSW , LMFT, LPC

My Professional Fitness Training includes:
  • Certified Professional Aerobic Instructor: AFAA, 1996-2016
  • Certified Personal Trainer: Cooper Institute, 1996-current

While your eating disorder may say my combination of nutrition, exercise, and therapy expertise is "a triple threat", I can be "a triple help" with your anxiety, depression, grief, and disordered relationship with your body and food.

Competent eating, sustainable activity, and physical self-esteem are incorporated in the goals we set to work on together.

"Every child, teen and adult deserves a chance to break free from being a dieting casualty and develop eating competence."
Ellyn Satter